microFISH Assay System


microFISH system

The MicroFISH Assay System is a clinically validated method combining microvolume, multiwell slides with SciGene slide processing instruments to economically perform routine cellular FISH in cytogenetic laboratories.

  • Reduces probe cost by 75% or more
  • 1 µl probe + 1 µl sample per well
  • 8 probes per slide 
  • Conserves precious samples
  • No coverslip sealant 
  • Automates coverslip removal
  • Automates slide washing


Simple Workflow:

  • Add 1 µl fixed cells.
  • Add 1 µl probe/well. Place a 22x50 coverslip.
  • Denature with CytoBrite System. Hybridize batches overnight with CytoBrite Slide Oven.
  • Option to automatically remove coverslips and wash slides with Little Dipper Processor or continue with manual washing.
  • Apply DAPI and coverslip to visualize.