Little Dipper

Automates processing of slides for FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridisation), FFPE pretreatment and karyotype analysis. Controls wash time, agitation, buffer temperatures and drying using an integrated centrifuge. Batches of 1 to 24 slides are processed using SciGene or user-defined protocols. Performs G-banding and pre and post-hybridisation processing of FFPE, bone marrow and blood samples for FISH. Can also be used with Agilent or Illumina microarrays with additional accessories.  

• Locks-in FISH probe signal levels
• Day-to-day and run-to-run operation reliability
• Produces clean slides with low, uniform backgrounds
• “Load and go” walk-away automation
• Use for both FISH and CMA tests
• Simple temperature validation
• Compact design, fits in fume hood

A little instrument with lots         of potential........