CD138+ cell isolation and enrichment

Give us one hour, and we will prove that the NEW WaveSense solution is the industry’s most sensitive, efficient and effective cell isolation and enrichment technology and it’s the only technology CE marked IVD.


Paramagnetic Antibodies
Intended for selective recovery/enrichment of cells expressing specific surface antigens in biological specimens and culture. WaveSense submicron diameter particles are designed to deliver magnetic pulling power while minimising fluorescent signal interference.

EpiSep® Hybridisation Slide


EpiSep® Slide incorporate WaveSense's patented lateral flow separation technology and are used for the enrichment and recovery of paramagnetically labelled cells directly onto a glass microscope slide from biological fluids and tissue culture.

EpiSep® Magnetic Slide Docks

Designed for use in cell enrichment slide preparations utilising paramagnetic antibodies, EpiSep® Magnetic Slide Docks (MSD) facilitate the mounting of labelled target cells onto a defined area of a microscope slide.

Cell Enrichment Stations


Cell Enrichment Stations are intended to organize and secure magnetic enrichment accessories that are used for the recovery/isolation of paramagnetically labelled cells from biological samples onto microscope slides.