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For over two decades Pisces Scientific has offered high-level expertise in distribution strategies and is dedicated to provide innovative solutions to all laboratory needs in the fields of cytogenetics, molecular genetics, and molecular pathology. Headquartered west of Edinburgh, Pisces is in close proximity to a number of large Universities and Research Hospitals, thus enabling many valuable scientific collaborations. 

Pisces Scientific currently represents many major international leaders in cell culture, genetic imaging, as well as provides innovative DNA screening solutions for fast and accurate detection of human genetic diseases in cytogenetics and cancer. Pisces Scientific is positioned as a valuable partner in prenatal, constitutional and haematology-oncology cytogenetics. 

At Pisces Scientific we are committed to dedicated customer service by providing high quality technical support and continually seeking ways to offer more powerful and complete solutions to our customers. Currently serving the UK and Ireland, Pisces Scientific objective is to be a primary supplier of research and diagnostic products for Molecular Biology and Cytogenetics Laboratories throughout Europe.