CytoBrite Slide Incubation System

Programmable, temperature-controlled instrument for hybridizing 1-12 FISH slides. Slides are accurately heated and quickly cooled during the denaturation step with time and temperature data for each run recorded to a USB drive. Removable trays streamline work; holding slides during probe addition, coverslipping and instrument loading. Uses CytoBond Removable Coverslip Sealant that removes easily and cleanly in one piece post-hybridization. Built-in temperature calibration system eliminates the cost of factory or third party calibration required for CLIA compliance. 

When used with a Cytobrite Slide Oven to perform the overnight incubation step, multiple batches of slides can be incubated simultaneously; providing the equivalent of SIX ThermoBrite instruments at a fraction of the cost and bench space.

•    Achieves accurate and reliable temperatures run-to-run
•    Built-in temperature calibration
•    Removable 6-slide trays streamline set up and handling  
•    Slides incubated dry – No humidity strips needed
•    Run data captured on USB drive